Dresdner Pianosalon: "Ich liebe mein Klavier".  
  Ich liebe mein Klavier  
    Pianosalon Dresden, concept, camera & edit: Thoralf Abgarjan, Voiceover: Michaela Amler  
  Dresdner Pianosalon a magic place.  
  Pianosalon Dresden, concept, camera & postproduction: Thoralf Abgarjan, camera assistant: Nicolai Jeromin. Production: April 2010, 2,5 days of shooting. The audio recording of the Grand was the challenge of this project. The sound was recorded in high definition, but the mics are not visible...  
  Natalia Posnova plays Clara Schumann  
  Natalia Posnova, Variations de Concert pour le Piano-Forte sur la Cavatine du Pirate de Bellini, op. 8: Cavatine, Clara Schumann, op. 8, recorded at Dresdner Pianosalon.  
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